WelTel Collaboration


Dr. Richard Lester Conflict of Interest (COI) Statement:

Dr. Richard Lester has financial and professional interest in WelTel Incorporated, a company for which he is Chief Scientific Officer. WelTel Incorporated is subcontracted to provide the SMS software platform and maintenance for the study/research. WelTel Incorporated is a company founded by the Dr. Lester’s wife, Dr. Gabrielle Serafini. The company develops software and related technologies to support mobile health (mHealth) through SMS­-based, patient engagement platforms. WelTel Inc. has been contracted by this research project to provide the software and the implementation service.

As Chief Scientific Officer of WelTel Inc., Dr. Lester advises on the research and development aspects of WelTel Inc. and communicates with the scientific and customer communities concerning the evidence ­base and utility of the software. Understanding the healthcare provider and patient experiences with the software for the mHealth solution is one of the aims / objectives of our research.