Av-Gay Lab Photos


The TB Vets Charitable Foundation is continuing to support research into combating Tuberculosis by giving generously to both the Av-Gay and Hmama Laboratories.

Av-Gay Lab, back row, left to right: Selvarani, Anaxi, Valerie, Mary, Dennis Xingji, Melissa. Front row, left to right: Dr. Zakaria Hmama, Peter Merola – Member of the Board, TB Vets; Dr. Yossef Av-Gay, Neil Mackie – General Manager, TB Vets.












top: Yossi, Rodgoun, Dennis, Joseph, Bevin, Horacio
bottom: Mary, Guinevere, Radha, Anouf

left (top down): Mary, Guinevere, Bevin, Yossi
right (top down): Rodgoun, Radha, Horacio, Dennis, Joseph, Anouf


Horacio, Guin, Karen, Ji, Yossi, Mary, Dennis, Korine, Sundaram, Negar, Ray, Assaf, Xingji


Jerry, Chris, Mary, Theresa, Guin, Xingji, Nirpjit, Ray, Steve, Yossi, Neora, AnneLise, Mamta, Ji, Sundaram, Mehran


Stephanie, Steve, Mamta, Mary, Jor, Yossi, Ray, Neora, Nirpjit, Batia


Rafat, Mary, Mamta, Olivia, Siobhan, Steve, Yossi


Rafat and Mary

Olivia Tang

Steve Drews