Elective rotations include:

  • Adult infectious disease (ID) clinical experience with in-patient disease cases at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and St Paul’s Hospital (SPH) including some out-patient infectious disease clinics at both locations
  • Urban Health Infection Unit ward rotations including HIV/AIDS and other infections in patients with addictions issues at St. Paul’s Hospital.

These rotations are available for residents and for medical students in 4th year who have completed general medicine rotations.

Postgraduate ID Electives – Out-of-Province Medical Residents

Please refer to Postgraduate electives through the Faculty of Medicine at

Undergraduate ID Electives – Visiting 4th Year Medical Students

To request and apply for an elective, refer to the application processes for MD Undergraduate Program – Visiting Student Elective Program.

For all other questions about elective rotations in Infectious Diseases at UBC, please contact Kirstie Lang at kirstiel@mail.ubc.ca