Contact Info
phone: 6047072409
fax: 6047072401
Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases
Executive Director and Scientific Director, BC Centre for Disease Control
University of Washington, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Infectious Disease
University of British Columbia, Medical Degree
Research interests

Immunology and Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Dr. Brunham’s research focuses on developing a vaccine for Chlamydia trachomatis. Recently, in collaboration with UBC scientists, he pioneered a cutting edge proteomic approach to Chlamydia vaccine development which has generated international interest and financial support from the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Brunham has received international recognition and awards for his contributions to the field of infectious diseases prevention. He was the 2004 recipient of the prestigious Thomas Parran Award from the American Sexually Transmitted Disease Association for his long and distinguished contributions in research and was the 2005 co-recipient of the CIHR Partnership Award for his co-leadership in the SARS Accelerated Vaccine Initiative.

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