The R-4 match in Canada is completely computerized. Applications are submitted and reviewed via the website  The R-4 match program at the CaRMS website will be ready on July 20. As of that date, you will be able to apply at that website.

You are invited to submit your application to the R-4 Residency Match in the Subspecialty Training Program in Infectious Diseases at UBC for positions beginning July 1, 2017. To do so please go to the website and look for the R-4 Match.

Applicants who are studying Internal Medicine in the US can be considered if:

  • their medical degrees were received in Canada
  • they are Canadian Citizens
  • and if the US  program they are currently in as an R3 is a US ACGME accredited Internal Medicine Core Program. For a list of US ACGME Accredited programs see

Canadian Citizenship is a requirement. There are additional eligibility criteria for all positions at the University of British Columbia; please see the CARMS website

To prepare for submitting your application on the CaRMS website:

  • You will need to register with the CaRMS website in order to submit an application. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the website and look for the R-4 Match. If this info is not currently posted, please check again, as it is under development.
  • Gather the following documents, which you (or referees) will be sending online with your application during July 20 to August 30, 2016:
    • three (3) reference letters
    • medical school diploma
    • current CV
    • MCCQE scores part I and part II
    • copy of medical degree
    • personal letter outlining your reasons for your  interest in Infectious Diseases,  and the UBC program, and describing your career plans.


The dates for applicant interviews in Vancouver are Thursday and Friday, September 22 and 23 2016. Please plan to be available both September 22 and 23; we will confirm your date closer to the time.


If you have any further questions please contact Kirstie Lang at